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Meet Our Team

None of our work would be possible without our team of innovative leaders, and some of New York’s most respected clinicians with decades of experience in their field. Our team all share a passion to help young adults, adolescents and their families to succeed in finding sustainable recovery and a fulfilling life.

Our clinical team consists of many highly valued members of our staff. Our primary therapists take a unique and compassionate approach to treatment that allows them to connect with our patients on a deeper level. We support our verbal therapies with experiential experiences that enhance and vitalize our approaches. From our registered dietician who guides us to a healthy relationship with food, to our art therapist who connects all of us to the healing nature of creativity, to music, yoga, picnics and more, our staff join forces to enhance all dimensions of each person’s experience.

It is the dedication of all the members of our staff that enable us to do the amazing work that we do every single day. We rely upon the support of our dedicated administrative staff and our cleaning staff to provide the foundation for our work and a sense of safety and well-being for all of us.

Our foundation and the donations received by the public allow us to continue to offer accessible and affordable care to the young adults and adolescents who need it most.

Our Team