Family, Family, Family

by Jun 27, 2018

A friend told me that once you say something 3 times, people tend to remember it. So please, remember, family, family, family!

Not only is it important to successful addiction treatment, but family may very well be the greatest and most powerful factor for helping individuals with addiction to recover. I am not talking about functional, well-manicured picture-perfect families. I am talking about dysfunctional, messy, broken souled individuals coming together to help because they love their brother, sister, mother, father, husband, or wife, etc. I am talking about my family. My mother and father were in the middle of an ugly divorce yet they both showed up to help me. Thanks to the support of my family, I celebrated 32 years of sobriety in March.

Family is about connection and commitment. Read here on how family and other factors can positively impact recovery.



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