Directions on how to access your Zoom Clinical session

Directions on how to access your Zoom Clinical session:

(Please be sure you are alone in a quiet room during your session to avoid distraction and to ensure privacy)

From your PC:

1. Open the Calendar Invite from your Therapist or Group Facilitator

2. Click on “Join the meeting”

3. Download Manager for Zoom should appear

4. Chooses Audio Option (either conference line or computer audio)

5. Join meeting

From your Mobile Device:

1. Download the Zoom Mobile app from App Store or Google Play

2. Join a meeting using one of these methods:

a. Tap Join a Meeting if you want to join without signing in

b. Sign-in to Zoom then tap Join

3. Enter the meeting ID number and your display name.

4. Select if you would like to connect audio and/or video and tap Join Meeting.