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Adolescent Outpatient Program 

Outpatient Program 

For  adolescents transitioning from a more intensive level of treatment back to their daily lives, the outpatient program can assist with their adjustment and help make it as smooth as possible. The recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism can be extremely challenging, and clients often get accustomed to a relatively high level of care. When clients begin to transition back to normal life, many of them stand to benefit from the ongoing support system that can be provided through outpatient care. 

The outpatient care program is designed for people who maintain a certain level of responsibility in their everyday lives. Perhaps they attend a school or maintain full-time employment, but they are still committed to working on their recovery and making incremental progress each and every day. As a program designed with working professionals and full-time students in mind, the outpatient care program is tailored to provide clients with a sufficient level of ongoing support, while minimizing the disruption to their schedule. With sessions during the day and in the evenings, the outpatient program is able to cater for everyone, day and night 

The outpatient program is usually suitable for: 

  • Clients who have completed rehabilitation for substance or alcohol use disorder 
  • Clients who are seeking a support system in the recovery community 
  • Clients who are able to maintain stable employment or schooling, but also may face troubles related to timeliness, concentration, performance, and disciplinary actions 
  • Clients who are looking to form a network of sober companions 
  • Clients who are interested in continuing to better themselves 
  • Clients who continue to struggle in certain areas of their recovery, or continue to get urges to use drugs or alcohol 
  • Clients who do not have self-harming tendencies or suicidal thoughts

Outpatient Program Specifics 

Unlike some of the other treatment programs that we offer, the outpatient program has no specific timeline. Since many patients benefit from outpatient services in a way that can be sustained in the long term, we don’t necessarily believe that outpatient programs should be limited in their duration. The typical client attends an outpatient program only once a week, for a one-hour session, but this is not compulsory. Those who would like to attend more sessions some weeks, and less other weeks, are encouraged to engage in the program only as much as they need. The outpatient program serves as a way for clients to stay connected to their recovery community in a way that they see fit. For that reason, the outpatient program is dynamic, and we can adjust it to meet the unique needs of each individual client. The days, times, and durations can all be modified to cater to the requirements or desires of a client. 

The New York Center for Living Approach 

We know that once a client leaves treatment their recovery process is far from over. The New York Center for Living recognizes that recovery is ongoing, and that many clients benefit from some level of continuing care. Our outpatient program serves as a way for clients who are taking action regarding their recovery to continue to maintain the progress that they’ve already made. For young adults and adolescents who hold a certain level of responsibilities in their lives, the outpatient program is a perfect way for them to stay on track and continue to work on their recovery.  

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