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Family Program

We know that the excessive use of substances by a loved one tears at the fabric of family relationships. Intense feelings of fear often translate into angry outbursts or silent disengagement. Family members simply do not have the skills to know how to navigate this chasm and get the help they need. At NYCFL, we immerse our families in a supportive environment where you no longer have to figure out your next steps alone.

Whether you are a parent, stepparent, or significant other, we recognize that you need the professional guidance to address your concerns. We therefore believe that treatment begins with YOU! From your first phone call to us, we will help you to navigate the treatment options that are available and how to intervene with your loved one to connect them and yourself to an optimal treatment program.

In every step of the way, we utilize a family-centered approach to address the complex multi-dimensional nature of substance use disorder. From the initial point of our assessment through our intensive outpatient program, the family is always included in the healing process. Our goal is to foster a healthy attachment amongst the family members that allows for both independent and interdependent functioning.

We offer individual family counseling with master’s level therapists trained in marriage and family treatment. We incorporate the latest theories and practices throughout the vast array of services that we offer from individual family counseling, multifamily groups, psychoeducational support groups for parents only and ongoing support groups once your child has terminated treatment. Parents are invited from the outset to join with a strong and vibrant community of like-minded families that can offer support. Even if your loved one refuses treatment or prematurely opts out, the family can continue to receive their own support and guidance. We do not end treatment with you unless you are ready to go!

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