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Individual Family Counselling 

Self-harming behaviors including excessive use of substances and addiction  can be confusing for families. Many parents and siblings feel afraid, alone, and overwhelmed when they learn about their loved one’s condition. We understand the impact that can have. We know that one of the most effective paths to recovery is to heal the whole family unit. Our Individual Family Counseling service is designed to do just that.   At the New York Center for Living, we use only the most appropriate, evidence-based therapies and healing modalities. Every approach we use is backed by addiction and mental health research. 

When a family participates in any NYCFL services, they are immediately provided with their own family therapist. That Master’s level family therapist will be their touchpoint throughout their journey in our program. Individual family therapy is an integral part of the work we do at NYCFL. No matter what phase of treatment you are in, individual family therapy will help you navigate and support you in the healing of your family. Family work focuses on improving communication and establishing boundaries to promote a balance between family connection and healthy independence. 

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