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Parent “Only” program 

Do you have concerns about your adolescent or young adult child and are not sure how to proceed? Perhaps you have been coping with these issues on your own for quite a while and need additionally professionally guided support. Whether your adolescent or teen as completed treatment or whether they are refusing to get started our program can offer you strategies of intervention at any level of need.  Parents who enroll in Parent Only Programs typically do so because they are seeking support at the various stages of their child’s recovery journey. Our services are available for any period of time and are charged as a monthly subscription.  

If you are a parent who is beginning to question some of your child’s behavior and are not sure what to do, our Parent Only Program can offer you a weekly group of like-minded families engaged with the same goal:  to explore the best options to enhance the recovery process.  The Parent Only Program offers virtual support and education with the goal of helping parents develop tools to guide decision-making. Participation offers a community of support from NYCFL professionals and other parents. Included in our Parent Only Program is the option to attend our 12-week group program with the option to participate in individual parent sessions. 

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