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Sibling Group

Siblings play a vital and unique role in keeping families functioning when navigating the chaos of addiction. How and why do siblings take on so many competing, conflicting, and undesired roles? These roles seem to force siblings to make decisions that are interpreted as taking sides.

NYCFL has started a Sibling Group that is led by our family therapists and meets remotely. The NYCFL Sibling Group offer information, support and hope for healing. There is a roadmap to recovery for siblings where they can support their loved one’s struggling with substance abuse or addiction without feeling drained, overwhelmed, and confused. The group is intended to meet the needs of siblings of all ages.

The sibling support group is open to all who wish to attend regardless of whether there is an active client in our recovery track. This sibling group(s) are age appropriate and open to all siblings aged 14-22. Please contact our admissions department at 212 712-8800 for more information.

For information about our addiction programs call 2127128800

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