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Nip It In The Bud (NIB) / Vaping Program

Our next cycle will begin on April 5, 2022 meeting every Tuesday & Thursday from 5 – 6 p.m. through May 5, 2022. This program cost is $500 for the full 10-session cycle.

Interested families can contact NYCFL by calling (212) 712-8800, emailing, or by filling out this interest form.

New York Center for Living is proud to partner with the American Lung Association to develop a program to address the alarming epidemic of vaping: Nip it in the Bud (NIB). While adolescent cigarette smoking rates decline, the initiation of adolescents to nicotine addiction is at an all-time record high. This crisis has led the US Surgeon General to issue a national health alert to the “Emergent E-Cigarette Epidemic in Youth.” We know teens are most vulnerable to nicotine dependence; 95% of adult smokers begin use prior to age 21, leading to the early addiction to a substance as hard to quit as heroin.

The National Institute of Drug Addiction refers to vaping products as “… concentrated amounts of drugs disguised as electronic gadgets.” Along with nicotine and marijuana are toxic chemicals such as aerosols, formaldehyde and acrolein that pose serious future health risks.

Having absorbed the hard lessons of the opioid epidemic, NYCFL is dedicated to act with immediacy to address the crisis of vaping using a 3-pronged approach that combines prevention and intervention strategies:

  1. Offering the “NIP it in the Bud” education series
  2. Presenting customized school-based education and training workshops.
  3. Sponsoring continuing education (CEs) events for mental health/substance use providers to heighten awareness and offer current practice skills.

The Nip it in the Bud Program at New York Center for Living is offered as a 10-session series of professionally led groups to raise awareness of the consequences of vaping and nicotine addiction.  We utilize a non-punitive psychoeducational approach that includes webinars with our leading research consultants as well as options for nicotine replacement therapies specifically designed for adolescents and young adults under the supervision of our medical director. We offer a series of info-sessions followed by the option to participate in one of our groups.  We can either arrange and/or refer to additional supports that include sober coaching, drug testing and coordinating with local college sober recovery resources.

For information about our addiction programs call 2127128800

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