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College Program

Transitioning to college is fraught with stress; the pandemic has taught us that the uncertainties of life can make this decision even more fraught with confusion. Oftentimes, the start or return to campus represents a rupture in the support system that has previously sustained recovery and requires the assembling of an alternative on-site system at the local college level.

The NYCFL College-bound program is intentionally designed to support the recovery needs of the college student and their family. Students together with their parents can be comforted by not “having to go it alone.”

College students in recovery will participate in a weekly support group composed of like-minded students.
These students will also receive weekly individual coaching/case management to help sustain their recovery efforts while balancing their educational/campus life needs. Parents can participate in our weekly “Parent Only” support group to help strengthen their skills in negotiating healthy independence through effective boundary setting and communication. Our family therapist will check in monthly together with the student and their individual therapist to negotiate any familial challenges that may develop or to simply support the individuation process.

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