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Young Professionals Program

Young professionals, aged 25-35 can find themselves struggling between balancing a fledgling career against an inner awareness that they are also in need of help to manage a growing dependence upon alcohol and other mood-altering substances.  Fearful that a stay in a residential treatment facility may incur consequences and exposure within the work environment that can compromise them professionally, they often remain in isolation with little or no outside support. Instead, they are subjected to the pleas and demands of family and friends to “just do something.”  Each day can bring a new opportunity to seek help; but the fear overshadows taking that action step.    

At New York Center for Living, we are a conveniently located private center in the heart of New York City.  For the young professional, telehealth also provides the option to attend our program virtually from home or from work.  We have designed an early evening program that is flexible and able to meet your recovery needs. The Young Professional program is available as a stand-alone program, or it can be paired with one of our alternative tracks (evaluation and stabilization or young adult intensive) if more intensity is initially needed to possibly avert a residential stay.   

Our Young Professional Program is designed to support blending recovery commitments in a convenient way with the demands of employment schedules. This program is intended for individuals who are either starting their recovery journey or are returning to the workforce following a more intensive program of residential or intensive outpatient treatment.   Programming is centered around supporting professionals in abstaining from problem substance use with a client-centered approach to treatment.  We welcome clients whose problem substance use is of mild to moderate severity or in early remission. 

We believe in the power of community in recovery and provide treatment in both a twice weekly one-hour group session and a weekly individual counseling session. Group support helps to tackle common challenges such as refraining from alcohol use at business meetings, learning how to cope without substances and understanding the driving forces that have contributed to having this problem in the first place.  Our treatment team employs a wide array of clinical therapies and services to help young professionals gain understanding of the underlying dynamics of their behavior, incorporate recovery and relapse-prevention skills, and become more successful in achieving goals and building a life worth living.  Family members and significant others can opt to participate in their own support groups and attend private individual family sessions to restore trust and confidence.  If psychiatric assessment and intervention is needed our highly specialized team of psychiatrists are available to meet either in-person or through telehealth. 

Clients participating in this program will also meet with their primary master’s level clinician for weekly individual therapy.  They will have the option to work with a family therapist. Clients also have the option to opt in/out of recovery coaching services provided by our team of coaches and our in-house 12 step recovery meetings offered on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Parents of our Young Professionals are welcome to participate in our Parent Only support groups. 

Program Requirements 

A client needs to be between the ages of 25-35 years old.  The program meets twice weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6-7pm. Clients are expected to be a part of our co-ed groups for a minimum of 3 months before evolving to a reduced schedule, which is determined by the client and his/her/their treatment team. 

Participation in twice weekly interpersonal process group and recovery skills group

  • Participation in weekly individual therapy
  • Participation in weekly urine screens

Optional Services

Psychiatric sessions for medication management

Recovery coaching

  • Couples or family therapy
  • Parent Only Support group
  • Monday and Tuesday in house 12-step Recovery Meetings

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