Spotting Signals

How to Spot the Signals of Drug or Alcohol Use in Your
or Young Adult

  • Declining school or job performance (attendance, disciplinary actions)
  • Deteriorating relationships with family members
  • Change in friends
  • Presence of drug paraphernalia, vaping supplies, illicit substances
  • Alcohol or smoke on clothes or breath
  • Mood swings, withdrawal and hostility
  • Changes in eating, sleeping, and/or weight
  • Increase in dishonesty and decrease in trustworthiness

What to Do with Your Worries:


Acknowledge that
YOU need to act


Get the Signal…
Take the step


Call New York
Center for Living



How to Talk to Your Adolescent/Young Adult About Your Concerns

  • Parents, school administrators and friends present your concerns in a unified factual way.

  • Remain calm and clear as to your goals.
  • Use a positive and loving approach.
  • Stick to your plan in spite of efforts to deny, minimize, derail or turn the tables on you.
  • Put forth a clear, concrete and timely next action step.
  • Be prepared to enact reasonable and doable consequences.
  • Seek professional support to develop and stick to a plan.

Signal Program

The Signal Program is designed specifically to address your concerns. If you believe that your adolescent or young adult is using nicotine, drugs and/or alcohol in a way that has you worried then contact NEW YORK CENTER FOR LIVING to receive guidance as to your next steps.

We offer a short-term 12-week comprehensive assessment, education and intervention program that features evidenced based practices to help your child to stop using substances and get back on track. Our multidisciplinary professional team uses a family model of treatment to address the issues of substance use and mental health issues that are complicating family relations. Weekly personalized individual, family and group counseling can be further customized to provide the solutions that you need. Our goal is to work with your family to promote the healthy growth of your adolescent/young adult.


Addiction and Mental Health Care for Adolescents, Young Adults and Families

New York Center for Living, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, specializes in treatment, education, assessment and referral. We are a valuable resource for anyone searching to learn more about addiction and mental health.

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