Is your teen one out of eight addicted to vaping?

Our program is designed to help teens break the powerful addiction of vaping

What is in the Vape?

It’s hard to know what is in an e-cigarette, since the ability to detect the “when”, “what” and “how” of use is virtually undiscernible. Most teens are totally unaware that there is nicotine in an attractively packaged USB looking device. The National Institute of Drug Addiction refers to vaping products as: concentrated amounts of drugs disguised as electronic gadgets. Along with nicotine and marijuana are toxic chemicals such as aerosols, formaldehyde and acrolein that pose serious future health risks.

Big tobacco companies such as JUUL, now partly owned by ALTRIA (Marlboro), have intentionally obscured the poisonous ingredients while marketing their products as pina colada, cool cucumber, and strawberry kiwi.

The enhanced delivery system ensures a very potent does of nicotine: ONE JUUL POD = 20 Cigarettes! or 200 puffs!

Health Consequences

The deaths of young people (such as a 15-year old in Texas) has spurred media attention to the outbreak of EVALI (E-cigarette lung disease). This reflects a need to spotlight the less visible effects of vaping nicotine and marijuana on the developing adolescent brain. Repeated use of these substances by teens, harms learning, motivation, mood, and attention and primes the reward system for future addictive disorder. Nicotine is as addictive to the brain’s dopamine pathways as heroin, crack cocaine or methamphetamine. As these deaths from nicotine take more lives each year than all of these other drugs combined.

The Vaping Crisis

While adolescent cigarette smoking rates decline, the initiation of adolescents to nicotine addiction is at an all-time record high. This crisis has led the US Surgeon General to issue a national health alert to the “Emergent E-Cigarette Epidemic in Youth. ” We know teens are most vulnerable to nicotine dependence; 95% of adult smokers begin use prior to age 21, leading to the early addiction to a substance as hard to quit as heroin.


Of all middle and high school students have tried vaping

1 in 8

Vape daily (a sign of physical addiction).

5 Million

Teens are using e-cigarettes

1 Million

Teens use e-cigarettes daily


New teens are vaping for the first time, every day!

Likewise, the vaping of marijuana amongst high school seniors is also at record breaking levels.

What is the New York Center for Living’s Response?

Having absorbed the hard lessons of the opioid epidemic, NYCFL is dedicated to act with immediacy to address the crisis of vaping using a 3-pronged approach that combines prevention and intervention strategies:


Offering the "NIP it in the Bud" education series


Presenting customized school-based education and trainings.


Sponsoring continuing education (CES) events for mental health/substance use providers to heighten awareness and offer current practice skills.

Nip it in the Bud Education Series (NIB)

if you wish to prevent or already suspect a vaping concern in yourself or a loved one, NYCFL is offering a nonpunitive psychoeducational approach. Our NIB program is intended specifically for adolescents, young adults and their families to attend together. We are hosting a series of three weekly info-sessions followed by an option to engage in a professionally led age-appropriate evidenced based- smoking cessation group.

We have curated a team of leading experts from the health community that address:




Mental health





We present the pros and cons of nicotine replacement products, incorporate web-based resources and utilize cognitive behavioral, motivational and mindfulness-based techniques to increase positive outcome.

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