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Resources: Our Approach to Treatment

At the New York Center for Living, we truly believe that prevention starts at home. We aim to invoke a greater change in society itself, by transforming attitudes on stigmatized disorders and conditions, as well as providing communities with the tools they need to deal with these issues effectively. Through a series of community outreach programs and free education sessions, we seek to provide young adults, adolescents, and their parents with valuable information regarding issues of substance use disorders, alcohol use disorder, and mental health disorders.

We offer a number of educational programs directed at families with young adults and adolescents, targeting specific issues like the American vaping epidemic that has seen swaths of youth become addicted to nicotine at an early age. Through our family and community education programs, we offer resources to people in difficult circumstances who are unsure of what the appropriate next steps are. If parents are worried that their children are using drugs, we offer free information sessions informing them of the best time to intervene or help them to identify warning signs of substance abuse.

The New York Center for Living is proud to host some of the leading experts in the field of behavioral, mental and emotional health. Through our professional training events, our expert team educates the public on a variety of different topics, including the risks of substance abuse and excessive alcohol consumption.

Our continuing education courses are open to the public, and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are made available after the completion of courses. Due to high demand, these credits are only available to those who register for our courses in advance.


Professional Training