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Why Telehealth? 

Due to the constantly changing nature of COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, telehealth remains a secure way to receive treatment no matter the state of the world.  What we have learned during the pandemic is that telehealth works!  At New York Center for Living, we are pleased to be able to use telehealth as an opportunity to create greater cohesion and inclusion in our programming.  What this means is that clients and their families are able to join together in a family session regardless of their competing schedules. What it also means is that if you are planning to be out of town, taking a class, or working late hours, you can still connect with your recovery community from the convenience of your local private setting.  

For substance use and mental health issues telehealth can be a very helpful option to be blended with in-person sessions or as a stand-alone treatment alternative.  Meet with individuals and groups through telehealth or mix and match with in-person individual counseling sessions, group sessions or meetings with sober coaches. 

People that may benefit from our telehealth services: 

  • Have a busy schedule – For young adults and adolescents who are attending school full time, or are working professionals, this is a particularly convenient alternative to in-person outpatient treatment services. 
  • Worry about discretion and value convenience – Our telehealth services are geared towards those who would feel more comfortable receiving treatment from the comfort of their own homes. Whether treatment facilities are too daunting, or the commute is too long, no matter the reason, we can accommodate you. 
  • Live in a safe setting such as their home or a sober living facility.  – Having additional treatment while living in a secure environment can diminish the need for residential care or shorten the length of stay. 
  •  This option is particularly useful for young adults or adolescents who live with their parents or guardians because those adults can serve as mentors and help to keep clients on track with their recovery process. 
  • Have completed some level of in-person treatment – Although this is not necessary for those who are seeking telehealth services, it may help to have received some level of in-person treatment, especially when dealing with problems related to substance abuse. For some folks, telehealth remains a private option to continue with their ongoing recovery process. 

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Online Evaluation & Assessment 

As is the case with in-person treatment, we take the time to craft individualized treatment plans and timelines that are curated to meet the unique needs of each client. Through a thorough assessment of a client’s history with substance abuse, mental health disorders, and alcohol consumption, as well as some personal factors (including family relationships), we can suggest treatment options to target specific areas. Clients and their families are encouraged to have a say in their treatment plans and choose different treatments that could benefit the client as well as the family unit. 

Online Therapy 

The New York Center for Living is proud to offer a number of different therapy options for telehealth. 

Some of the therapy options offered online include: 

  • Evaluation and Assessment – For clients that prefer to “enter treatment” from the comfort of their own home or are dealing with reluctance to come to a physical location, this is an excellent way to begin in the process of connecting to treatment.
  • Family Therapy – This particular therapy method can be especially fruitful in a telehealth setting. By talking with a therapist via webcam, families can give the therapist a glimpse of what family life is like from within the home. Clients are encouraged to discuss issues with their therapist in hopes of re-establishing healthy communication methods and trust within the family. 
  • Mindfulness and Meditation – Techniques that have been used in the Far East for many years are beginning to gain traction in the United States. We are able to offer mindfulness and meditation online in conjunction with other therapeutic methods to help to master any negative emotions, trauma and damaging behavioral habits.
  • Group Therapy- If you need to belong to a community of similarly minded clients and families but are reluctant to attend outside meetings 12 step meetings- NYCFL offers many group options including recovery and young persons’ 12 step- oriented meetings. 

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