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Our Center

Care has been taken in creating a modern, warm and beautiful space in which to undergo treatment at the hands of some of the world’s leading professionals.

Center Life

A successful and sustainable recovery is made possible by focusing on early-stage intervention, peer support networks, and improved family relationships. The New York Center for Living recognizes the importance of building strong relationships between clients and their families.

With a special focus on young adults and adolescents, the New York Center for Living is committed to promoting positive decision-making and giving our clients the tools that they need to become successful adults. By combining researched medical processes with effective therapeutic techniques, we create treatment programs that are highly personalized to each client. Our family-based model of treatment allows for the healthy development of young adults and adolescents, as well as providing them with a level of care that meets their social needs.

All of our programs are designed around a modern busy lifestyle and are adaptable and flexible to your specific needs.

Hybrid Model of Treatment

For substance use and mental health issues, telehealth can be a very helpful option to be blended with in-person sessions or as a stand-alone treatment alternative. Telehealth services also offer added convenience from the comfort of your own home, and for those worried about discretion or safety, this is especially comforting. Telehealth works well to accommodate multiple busy schedules and locations, making it particularly convenient for family members to participate in treatment. Receive the confidential immediate help you need from the convenience of your own private space. Meet with individuals and groups through telehealth or mix and match with in-person sessions

Seeking Help

For some, recovery can seem overwhelming at first. However, the New York Center for Living provides clients with the resources they need to empower themselves and achieve their goals. We do this with a carefully planned schedule which results in productivity and a sense of mastery and includes therapy sessions, life skills, communication exercises, eating and cooking nutritious foods, as well as free time to build friendships and a sense of self. If you or anyone you know is considering treatment for an issue related to a substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or alcohol use disorder, please contact the New York Center for Living for more information.

Adolescent Treatment

Not all substance abuse and mental health programs are designed exclusively to treat an adolescent populationIn fact, at New York Center for Living, we are one of a few agencies nationwide whose mission it is to address the onset of substance use disorders from the point of inception, i.e. the early teen years.  We do not wait for young adults to present with problems that might otherwise be averted had there been earlier intervention to prevent lifelong issues from developing.  Our goal is to assess, address and restore an adolescent onto their pathway toward young adulthood. 

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Young Adult Treatment

Classically, young adults enter a period from age 18 through 40 where their primary stage of development results in reconciling the polarities between a “life of intimacy verses a life of isolation” (Erik Erikson, 1950). Unfortunately, the pathway though substance use with its compounding mental health issues leads towards a life of social disconnection from family, friends, vocation, and self.  Our goal at NYCFL is to do all that we can to promote the “life of intimacy” since it is commonplace knowledge that “the opposite of addiction is connection.” 

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Family Program

We know that the excessive use of substances by a loved one tears at the fabric of family relationships. Intense feelings of fear often translate into angry outbursts or silent disengagement. Family members simply do not have the skills to know how to navigate this chasm and get the help they need. At NYCFL, we immerse our families in a supportive environment where you no longer have to figure out your next steps alone.

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