At the Center of Discovery

New York Center for Living (NYCFL) is exclusively dedicated to the treatment of substance use and co-occurring disorders among adolescents, emerging adults, and their families. We believe that early intervention, cutting-edge clinical care, and access to peer support is integral to successful treatment outcomes.

At NYCFL, our vision is to shape the current and future direction of substance use and mental health treatment to meet the unique developmental needs of young people while decreasing the stigma around these issues.

We understand that young people are exposed to biological, social, and psychological demands that may not respond to traditional models of recovery which are typically oriented towards adults. Our program addresses this by developing clinical and recovery-oriented programming that focuses on young peoples’ developmental needs and goals, educational and professional aspirations, and connection to family, friends, and peers. In short, we help young people—and their families—develop a strong foundation of recovery that supports principled decision-making, healthy choices, and adaptive life-stances.

The Center for Living changed my life. I would not be where I am today without the support of the incredible clinicians and honest and kind-hearted clients at this place. Being someone who has attended multiple treatment centers and seen countless therapists I can say that the Center for Living has been the most helpful and effective of them all.