We typically serve adolescents and young adults ages 13-30. We also provide Parent Only services to adults of all ages affected by substance use by a significant other.

The first step is calling us at 212-712-8800 and speaking to a member of our admissions team. If you or your loved one meets criteria for assessment, we will walk you through that process.

We offer a variety of programs that are customizable to each individual’s recovery journey. Details of the program, timing, and frequency are all decided upon based on the individual. Contact our admission team for more information.

Each person is different, which is why our program is very customizable. You can engage in the program to what meets your recovery journey. Typically, we start at a higher level of support with more services and as you evolve through the program, we customize it to the level of care you need.

Each program is extremely customizable, with add-ons and alterations made on a case-by-case basis. Contact our admissions team for more information on the program that will best fit your recovery journey.

Please call us at 212-712-8800 and we’ll be happy to discuss payment options.

At the New York Center for Living, we understand that prevention starts at home. We offer Parent Only Groups so all parents of enrolled clients can benefit from a supportive and educational environment. We also have a variety of different family programs to support the recovery process.

Yes, we have board certified child/adolescent and addiction psychiatrists onsite to provide evaluations, medication management and medication for addiction treatment when indicated.

Your child’s treatment team will consist of a psychiatrist, individual therapist, family therapist, art therapist and a peer recovery coach. Please visit our team page to learn more about our highly qualified staff.

What makes New York Center for Living so effective is our ability to coordinate care for young people and their families seamlessly by providing a multidisciplinary care team comprised of an individual therapist, a family therapist, a psychiatrist, a team of group therapists, and peer recovery coaches. Through consistent consultation, all members of our team can ensure we are addressing treatment goals efficiently and in real time. As such, we strongly encourage that young people and their families utilize our internal practitioners while in treatment with us. If you feel it is vital to continue with an outside practitioner, we will accommodate that choice and seek to work closely with that provider towards your goals.

During treatment if we feel your child requires a higher level of care, we will provide referrals and help with the transition process.

Yes. Those who have completed the program can remain involved in the activities at NYCFL through our alumni program.

At NYCFL, we believe that young people thrive when they abstain from substance use. Whether to support healthy brain development, avoid negative consequences of use, promote family harmony, or identify mental health issued masked by substance use, we encourage our clients to avoid using all substances. We also understand that young people coming to us may not be ready or open to abstaining from use. As such, we seek to develop individualized programs for clients to “meet them where they are”, promote safety and honesty, and engage in critical conversations about use with the goal of mitigating or eliminating use.

Our approach to treatment is focused on abstinence and grounded in the 12-Step tradition, while also utilizing clinical and psychiatric interventions and approaches. Working through “the steps” can provide adolescents and young adults with a helpful framework to address the complex realities of substance abuse. In doing so, our clients find meaning and purpose in their lives while they heal.