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The New York Center for Living is centrally located in one of the world’s most vibrant cities and is easily accessible by public transport. Our facility on East 52nd Street in Manhattan offers easy access by public transportation. Located just a block away from the E, 6, and M trains, travel via subway is simple. There are also frequent buses that stop within walking distance from the facility. 

Inside the center are three floors of comfortable individual and group therapy rooms, and a private outdoor patio. We also boast a modern fully equipped kitchen that can be used to learn how to cook nutritious recipes and assist in a lifestyle shift towards a healthier relationship with food for the whole family. Our center is warm and engaging, providing a safe place to receive treatment at the hands of some of the world’s leading professionals. 

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The New York Center for Living has facilities that are centrally located in Manhattan. We are fortunate enough to be based in such a lively dynamic city, that is full of recovery support groups once you know where to look. 

Benefits of Recovery in Manhattan

With access to many different types of meetings, clients will be able to find a support network that can empathize with their struggles. If needed, you would be able to go to a different meeting in one part of the city at least 3 times a day. You will find every kind of support group available from AA, NA, CA, OA, to CoDA, SLAA and SMART. Families will also find a wealth of family support groups available. Having access to such a wealth of recovery support groups is fantastic, especially in early recovery when you need, more than ever, to be reminded that you have support from others going through a similar journey to you. 

Recovery Lifestyle in Manhattan

With a growing number of treatment facilities, Manhattan serves as a hub for sober living and recovery groups. As a result, dry bars are popping up that provide a fantastic opportunity to be in recovery in the city. Plenty of cafés and other sober activities can be enjoyed, opening your eyes to the many possibilities life can offer when sober. There really is no better place to start your recovery.

Accessibility and Affordability of the New York Center for Living 

With treatment programs that cost less than half the price of other similar treatment centers, the New York Center for Living is committed to providing affordable care for all those who need it. As society continues to perceive substance use disorders, mental health disorders, and alcohol use disorder as personal issues, we see them as societal issues. There is an inappropriate amount of stigma associated with these disorders, which can serve as a barrier to people accessing treatment. With a shortage of affordable and accessible care options, the New York Center for Living offers online education to help prevent issues resulting from substance use disorder, mental health, and alcohol use disorder in young adults and adolescents. As a not for profit organization, we strive to adhere to our values and serve the community to the best of our abilities.

New York Center for Living Facilities 

At the New York Center for Living, there is plenty to do besides what you may class as a typical therapy session. Offering a comprehensive and innovative approach to treatment calls for the incorporation of fulfilling activities. Our goal is to foster a positive and encouraging environment that encourages young adults and adolescents to rediscover things they were once passionate about and to develop new interests. 

The New York Center for Living offers a place for patients to meet a support network that involves like-minded individuals of the same age. Creating a sober network of peers is essential to maintaining long-term recovery, and our facilities offer many opportunities for social engagement. Young adults and adolescents who are involved in recovery often fear missing out on the social aspect of their lives when attending treatment, but we organize events to promote sober socialization. 

Therapy options at the New York Center for Living aim to help patients to find the best way forward in their recovery process, taking into account their unique circumstances and individual needs. Through options including art therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness and meditation, patients can nourish both their bodies and minds in order to reach physical, mental and spiritual recovery. 

The inspiring sleek design of the facilities allows for a warm, welcoming and positive environment. The New York Center for Living consists of three floors of therapy rooms, a private outdoor patio, as well as a modern kitchen where patients and their families can learn about nutrition and cook together. As we further understand the link between physical health and mental health, we seek to educate families on the importance of a well-balanced diet, and how certain foods can affect our mood, quality of sleep, and ability to concentrate. 

Why Seek Treatment in Manhattan? 

The New York Center for Living offers a world-class facility in a vibrant area targeted towards young adults and adolescents. As the facility is centrally located in Manhattan, it makes access by New York City’s public transit system very convenient. Located just blocks from subway stations, and easily accessible by bus, commuting is no problem. Home to some of the country’s leading therapists, addiction experts, and mental health coaches, Manhattan is the perfect place to begin recovery. If you or a loved one is suffering from an issue related to a substance use disorder, a mental health disorder, or alcohol use disorder, please contact the New York Center for Living today for more information. 

“I’ve been given a second chance thanks to the center, and I’m forever grateful.”


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