" Self Discovery, Making the Right Choices, Feeling Good"

Our admissions team provides a three-step process which allows for a comprehensive developmentally appropriate evaluation. We begin the initial intake evaluation by inviting you and your family to a meeting with our Director of Admissions. At this meeting, we will evaluate the many contributing factors within the familial, social, educational, developmental, mental health and physical realm that have accompanied your decision to connect to NYCFL.

Frequently, excessive use of mood-altering substances can be understood as a misguided attempt  to self-medicate underlying disorders such as ADHD, depression, anxiety or unresolved past trauma. Of course, the continuous use of this maladaptive strategy to cope only compounds the likelihood of addictive and/or mental disorders. Therefore, our admission process is designed to shed light on the interrelationship between these dynamics. A board-certified psychiatrist from our team who sub-specializes in adolescent psychiatry and addiction medicine, will meet with you for this second phase of the assessment process. We will also collaborate with any previous and current psychiatrists and mental health providers to gain a deeper understanding of the history of your concerns.

It is through this comprehensive process, informed by in-depth interdisciplinary team discussions, that you will meet once again with our Admissions team to map out a detailed plan of action. We strive to co-create a level of care to embark upon and ultimately sustain the process of recovery. Our ultimate goal is to enhance the opportunity to return to an optimal level of developmental functioning and regain purpose in your life.

“I have so much gratitude for my time in this program. With their help I am able to live a happy and sober life today.”


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