• New York Center for Living’s 4th Holiday Fundraising Party

    New York Center for Living’s 4th Holiday Fundraising Party

    The 2017 Annual Holiday Fundraising Party was a great success! More than 200 colleagues, supporters and special guests were in attendance at The Metropolitan Club on December 6. We raised over $100,000, all of which went to our scholarship fund for families who need help covering the cost of treatment. Rosanna Scotto, co-host of “Good…

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  • Is Vaping Marijuana Safe?

    Is Vaping Marijuana Safe?

    Smoking marijuana, either recreationally or for medicinal purposes, poses health risks to the respiratory system that can be similar to smoking tobacco. Some people believe that alternatively using a marijuana vaporizer for inhalation reduces these risks and makes inhaling the drug safer. The truth is that vaping marijuana also poses serious risks to your health.…

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  • #Helpworks Featured on Fox 5

    #Helpworks Featured on Fox 5

    Watch this clip from Fox 5 to learn more about our #Helpworks program. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!

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  • #Helpworks: Free Program Offers Young Adult Addiction Info

    #Helpworks: Free Program Offers Young Adult Addiction Info

    John Lieberman, executive director of the New York Center for Living, talks about #Helpworks, a free weekly program to provide information about young adult addiction. Watch the exclusive interview on NBC 4 New York – Here

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  • The Dangers of Vaping

    The Dangers of Vaping

    Table of Contents: To download the full Ebook, click here Introduction Vaping is a popular pastime that skyrocketed to stardom just as tighter non-smoking laws were sweeping the country. E-cigarettes hit the market in 2007, and they became an instant hit among people who enjoyed being able to “smoke” anywhere or smoke without the associated…

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  • How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

    How To Deal With Suicidal Thoughts

    It’s normal to feel sad or irritable for short lengths of time when you’re a teenager. But when those emotions begin to dominate your life with accompanying symptoms of depression and feelings of hopelessness, suicidal thoughts may enter your mind. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the third leading cause…

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