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At New York Center for Living (NYCFL), we know that adolescents and young adults have unique and specific age-related concerns. We understand how complicated it can be to find the treatment option that works best for you and your family. In fact, we are the only outpatient program in New York City that truly caters exclusively to this age group. 

We offer several boutique styled programs that are designed to accommodate your situation using a hybrid model of services delivered via telehealth and in-person in an easily accessible outpatient setting. Whether your situation requires a comprehensive wrap-around treatment alternative to residential care or a psychoeducational group coupled with individual and family treatment, we will provide you with connection to a supportive recovery community of like-minded peers. If we cannot meet your needs, we will facilitate access to the best alternative treatment options. 

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    Evaluation & Stabilization Program 

    The Evaluation and Stabilization Program (ESP) is the New York Center for Living’s program dedicated to offering a more extensive preparatory period for to those clients who need extra help getting started or perhaps are exiting a residential treatment facility and could use some additional support.  For clients who have a severe physical dependence on substances, or are seriously affected by a mental health disorder, the Evaluation and Stabilization Program offers an opportunity to stabilize their symptoms  before joining our ongoing  community of peers.

    The Evaluation and Stabilization program lasts only four to six weeks and aims to ready a client for substance abuse or mental health treatment while preventing harm through treating the symptoms of these conditions. During this period, clients will benefit from more extensive visits with our psychiatric team while their medications may still be in a state of flux.  They will also have more frequent content with their individual counselors and will receive the benefit of additional sober supports based upon assessed need.

    With additional evaluation, psychoeducation, family inclusiveness, increased counseling sessions, and visits with treatment coaches, we hope to improve the mental well-being of clients. Once a client has the necessary stability to receive treatment, we can refer them to our outpatient treatment programs or to an alternative facility.

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    Adolescent Treatment

    Our Adolescent group therapy approach to substance use is built around an understanding of the cognitive and developmental changes that mark adolescence, as well as, Dialectical- Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, mindfulness therapy, nutrition education, focus expressive therapies such as music, creative arts, yoga and 12-step principles of recovery. 

    Our integrated approach will provide a teen with a sense of community, purpose and long-term wellness. Parent education, multi-family support groups and individualized family treatment focus upon repairing past relational ruptures to bring healing to the whole system. 

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    Young Adult Treatment 

    Our Young Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (YAIOP) is geared to meet the unique developmental needs of 18-30 year-olds. Typically, this is a time when young adults are setting the stage of their futures: educationally, vocationally, emotionally and socially. Unfortunately for some, the overwhelming turmoil of life challenges can leave a young adult feeling isolated and adrift; their peers seem to be passing them by. If this sounds familiar then our YAIOP may be the right choice for you! 

    At NYCFL our YAIOP is designed to help find your own path. That is why we believe we can provide an opportunity to transform “recovery” into “self-discovery.” We use an abstinence-based approach to restore stability and sanity to begin to mindfully explore the deeper questions of “Who am I and How do I connect with others?” The consequence of excessive substance use and mental health challenges often obscure these life questions and contribute to collateral disappointment and despair for both you and your family. 

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    Family Program 

    We know that the excessive use of substances by a loved one tears at the fabric of family relationships. Intense feelings of fear often translate into angry outbursts or silent disengagement. Family members simply do not have the skills to know how to navigate this chasm and get the help they need. At NYCFL, we immerse our families in a supportive environment where you no longer have to figure out your next steps alone. 

    Whether you are a parent, stepparent, or significant other, we recognize that you need the professional guidance to address your concerns. We therefore believe that treatment begins with YOU! From your first phone call to us, we will help you to navigate the treatment options that are available and how to intervene with your loved one to connect them and yourself to an optimal treatment program. 

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    NIB/Vaping Program 

    One out of every eight teens in the United States is addicted to vaping. Unfortunately, due to it being a relatively new phenomenon, the long-term health consequences of these products remain relatively unknown in comparison to cigarettes. Smoking rates, especially in young adults and adolescents, are declining in the United States, while vaping rates are on the rise. Unlike cigarettes, vapes are quite easy to conceal, so their signs that your child is vaping can be more difficult to notice. 

    Vapes can be used inside without setting off smoke alarms and are popular in school washrooms. Where cigarettes leave a lingering smell on the breath and clothes of users, vapes don’t produce a lingering odor, making its use virtually undetectable. 

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    Alumni Program 

    The New York Center for Living is dedicated to providing its alumni community with the resources needed to promote long-term recovery. To achieve a sustainable recovery, many people rely on support networks as a source of continuing care. For some, this takes place in the form of group meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other 12-step mutual aid groups. At the New York Center for Living, we offer an alumni program, which gives young adults, adolescents, and their parents a chance to stay involved in the recovery community after they have left treatment with us. 

    The goal of the Alumni Program is to give former clients the chance to stay connected with staff members and other clients. Through this support network, former clients, or alumni, can maintain healthy relationships with a peer group of people, many of which will have experienced, or be experiencing, what they are. Clients can find the return to ‘normal life’ after treatment rather daunting. Maintaining a sober network of peers can prove vital in continuing on the recovery path. 

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