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Adolescent Treatment Program

Not all substance abuse and mental health programs are designed to exclusively treat an adolescent population. In fact, at New York Center for Living, we are one of a few agencies nationwide whose mission it is to address the onset of substance use disorders from the point of inception, i.e. the early teen years.  We do not wait for young adults to present with problems that might otherwise be averted had there been earlier intervention to prevent lifelong issues from developing.  Our goal is to assess, address and restore an adolescent onto their pathway toward young adulthood. 

At New York Center for Living, we consider ourselves to be thought leaders, entrenched in current academic knowledge and evidence-based skills that target emerging issues of adolescence.  We embed our programming within developmental principles that understand that the core maturational tasks of this stage of development are to achieve separation and individuation and launch into a successful young adulthood. The tools necessary to evolve in this direction are rooted upon Erik Erikson’s mastery of complex earlier stages of trust, autonomy, initiative, industry and identity formation.  Oftentimes, these earlier stages are disrupted by prior childhood trauma, familial disruptions, learning disabilities, self-harming behaviors and or psychological challenges that complicate development.  Our goal is to understand and unravel these obstacles and restore new and healthful ways of coping. 

We know that mental health challenges and/or excessive use of mood-altering substances interfere with an adolescent’s ability to “grow up”. The further the erosion of these factors, the harder it is to maintain a direction towards independence. Routine milestones of adolescent development, e.g. learning to drive, managing money, applying to college, hanging out with friends all become areas fraught with fear on the part of parents.   

Our adolescent programming answers many of these issues by offering several tracks for treatment.  Whether the adolescent is at the earliest cusp of use of substances or is at a more advanced level, we offer treatment tracks designed to restore normal functioning.  Our programs include vaping cessation, early intervention (Signal) and intensive adolescent programming.  Regardless of the program, we welcome and expect family involvement.  Our goal is not simply one of abstinence.  Rather it is one of successful restoration to a pathway towards adulthood.  That is why our goal is to turn recovery into an opportunity for self-discovery.

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