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Evaluation & Stabilization Program (ESP)

We would all love it, of course, if everyone seeking treatment was “ready” and “willing” from the start. Unfortunately, we do not all operate on the same timetable when it comes to a process of behavioral change. Likewise, perhaps you are exiting a residential facility for treatment of mental health and/or substance use issues. Yet, you could use some additional time to stabilize before entering outpatient treatment. Even within a family, some members may be more willing than others to engage in a commitment to treatment. 

It is for this reason that NYCFL has a separate 4- to 6-week program designed to offer a more extended evaluation and stabilization program (ESP). This period can allow for more intensive visits with our psychiatrists and individual counselors to stabilize residual mental health symptoms or to challenge the wall of denial of the need for substance use treatment. It is our intention that with additional evaluation, psychoeducation, family contact and wraparound care (increased counseling sessions and visits with coaches), we can provide the stability necessary to connect to our outpatient treatment tracks for ongoing support and reduce the need for residential care (if it is not clinically necessary). 

This program track offers two options; One option targets substance use symptoms and the one targets more acute psychiatric symptoms: 

Psychiatric Option: 

This track is designed for patients with more acute psychiatric symptoms that require medication regimen initiation/optimization before they can be assessed for the appropriate level of addiction treatment services. The track consists of medication management visits with our staff psychiatrist (2-4 times per month), in addition to individual sessions with a primary therapist (4-8 times per month) and weekly family therapy sessions. This short-term track allows for the abatement of treatment interfering symptoms. The goal is to offer a transition to one of NYCFL outpatient programs, transferring to an alternative treatment program, or to a higher level of care.  

Substance Use Option: 

This track is designed for clients in the pre-contemplative stage of change. These clients will typically present with a more significant history of substance use than those in the Signal Track but are not yet in the contemplative stage of change. The ESP track consists of a more intensive approach to engage in exploration of the impact of the use of substances with the client and their family system. The track consists of individual sessions with a primary therapist (6-8 times per month), weekly family involvement and multiple sessions with the psychiatrist if needed. Family involvement will include participation in parent only sessions, family therapy and a weekly parent only group. This short-term track (4-6 weeks) will yield an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs and offer stabilization, thereby paving the way to a more seamless transition to an outpatient treatment track at NYCFL or a referral to a more appropriate level of care. 

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