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Recovery Coaching 

NYCFL Coaching Services  

New York Center for Living has launched our coaching services designed to support individuals and families as they work towards reaching their goals in turning their Recovery into Self-DiscoveryCoaching offers a unique modality and a goal focused approach to meet the unique needs of the families and individuals we work with.  We offer both Peer Recovery Coaching and Parent Coaching 

Peer Recovery Coaching is an essential part of providing support for a recovery-based lifestyle. Using their unique skill set and lived experience, our Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPAS) help co-create short-term, achievable goals together with the client and the clinical team. Our recovery coaches facilitate linkages to recovery support networks, help to enable educational and/or career goals, enhance motivation for practicing self-care, and provide power of example to achieve a recovery-based lifestyle. Our coaching team is available throughout the week and can include up to twice weekly 60-minute sessions with one of our experienced OASAS certified peer coaches; several of whom are former graduates of NYCFL.  

Parent Coaching is a unique supportive experience for families utilizing a direct and brief approach with mutually agreed upon goals.  Parent coaching is suggested for any family seeking specific support to navigate their child’s individualized substance abuse, mental health and developmental needs. Our professional coaches provide psychoeducation and support in the development of strategies that fosters healthy communication and coping skills. The Coach can connect parents with support groups and resources for long-term assistance. Parent coaching can include up to twice weekly 60-minute sessions.  In general, this form of coaching carries an implicit overarching goal of re-establishing positive family relationships achieved through the application of smaller goals related to parenting, communication, and self-efficacy. This service supports parents in their own healing journey.  

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