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Professional Training 

With some of Manhattan’s top doctors, therapists, mental health professionals, and social workers, the staff at the New York Center for Living is composed of highly experienced professionals who are committed to excellence, as well as innovation. 

The rehabilitation and recovery sector is saturated with facilities all around the world boasting about the level of their care. However, not all facilities use the unique mix of evidence-based practices, innovative techniques, as well as alternative and holistic therapies that makes our personalized treatment programs some of the best in the world. 

Being dynamic in the field of recovery is very important because every individual comes to treatment facilities with a different past. Treatment cannot be universally applied; it needs to be adapted, combined, and used in conjunction with varying different therapeutic modalities and methods, to ensure that the best results are achieved. 

We are therefore proud that all of our staff regularly attend professional training sessions, both in house and externally. We ensure that we have our finger on the pulse at all times. We attend and host conferences with some of the world’s most eminent thought leaders in the fields of mental, behavioral, and emotional health. 

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