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Wrap Around Treatment Model

When families and clients are faced with treatment decisions of how to access help for a complex problem involving substances and mental health issues, they are oftentimes presented with choices that require residential treatment options. These options may include: 30-day rehab centers, wilderness programs, extended treatment facilities and therapeutic boarding schools. At times, these options are presented sequentially so that the net result is that a person seeking treatment can be faced with leaving home, school, community, and family for prolonged periods of time.

Although certain situations may call for relocation from the home, an alternative approach can and should be considered. At New York Center for Living, our core work is designed to enhance attachment and improve family relations. Our goal is to offer a safe launching of the adolescent or young adult into their own independent lifestyle- not as a need to “get away” from -but a desire to accomplish appropriate life milestones.

For the same cost as a 30-day rehab, our wrap-around treatment program offers a minimum of 6 months of intensive treatment in one of our intensive outpatient tracks. These tracks include a weekly minimum of 9 hours of group treatment, individual counseling, family therapy, sober coaching, psychiatric meetings, drug screening and strong connections to the local recovery community. We do not necessarily need to end treatment but can remain connected through eventual step down to outpatient treatment that can comprise a combination of self-selected services.

If you are looking for a treatment alternative to residential stay, you can pair our intensive programming with sober living or attendance in a local therapeutic high school to closely reflect an intensive treatment experience. The advantage to this approach is that the family can work on repairing their relationships and this can prove less disruptive to school/work life.

If you are interested in this, please set up an appointment to discuss with our admissions team.

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