Young Adult Program

Our Young Adult Program is designed to meet the needs of young adults ages 18-to-30 who have experienced a disruption in their lives involving substance use and mental health concerns. Many times, this disruption has impacted one’s ability to successfully launch into adulthood. Through evidence-based practices, the goal of this program is to help develop the skills needed to engage in healthy relationships with family and peers in school, work, and social settings.


Our Addiction and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists specialize in working with young adults with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health problems. We provide comprehensive and coordinated psychiatric treatment, including medication management and medications for addiction treatment (MAT), when indicated.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an important modality, providing our clients with a reflective space to address substance use and co-occurring issues with an eye towards long-term growth and healing. Our team of trained and experienced therapists build strong alliances with our clients to support recovery while exploring the past and current challenges that have contributed to their presenting issues.

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy is a vital aspect of substance use recovery and mental health treatment more broadly. Our groups are focused on the development and utilization of coping skills to support adolescents in early recovery, and building recovery skills to avoid relapse and face the challenges of a life without substance use. Our curriculum draws from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Psychodynamic, Psychoeducation, and 12-Step Recovery approaches to address our clients’ challenges and support their strengths.

Along with groups for our clients, we also provide Multi-Family Group (MFG) and Parent Only Group (POG) to address family recovery and provide support.

Young Professionals

The Young Professionals group supports young adults who are building careers while maintaining recovery from substance use. Whether in-person, hybrid, or remote, the culture of work is not always conducive to maintaining sobriety—and sometimes hostile towards it. In this group, we focus on helping young professionals stay true to their recovery while also thriving in their workplaces.

College Recovery

College Recovery is a group that provides a reflective and supportive space for college students who are actively engaged in their recovery from substance use. Whether on campus or commuting, college life presents many challenges for young adults. Here you will find a community that understands those challenges and provides resources to ensure your college experience is successful and enriching.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the incredible support the doctors and the kind-hearted staff gave me.

Family Therapy

Substance use disorders affect the whole family system, not just the young adult struggling with addiction. As such, we bring all members of the family system into treatment, with the goal of strengthening relationships, supporting effective parenting, and promoting healing and harmony.

Peer Services

Peer recovery is an essential part of providing support to young adults for a recovery-based lifestyle. Using their unique skillset and lived experience, our Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPAs) help co-create short-term, achievable goals together with the client and the clinical team. Whether at an intensive outpatient (IOP) or outpatient (OP) level of care, our recovery peers facilitate linkages to recovery support networks, help to enable educational and/or career goals, enhance motivation for practicing self-care, and provide power of example to achieve a recovery-based lifestyle. Our team is available for young adults throughout the week and can include up to twice weekly 60-minute sessions with one of our experienced OASAS certified peer recovery advocates.

Family Care
Young Adult Care

Co-occurring Disorders and Other Behaviors

NYCFL treats young adults with primary substance use disorder diagnoses. We also know that substance use disorders do not exist in a vacuum and are often associated with other mental health conditions and associated behaviors. Both in our intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) program, our team can help effectively manage mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, personality disorders like borderline personality disorder, trauma, attachment issues, self-injurious behaviors, and codependency.

Nicotine Cessation

Additionally, NYCFL seeks to critically address the use of nicotine products by young adults. Our psychiatrists can prescribe nicotine cessation products, including patches and lozenges, with the goal of eliminating nicotine use or, as we like to say, nip it in the bud!

Drug Testing

New York Center for Living provides urine drug screening and utilizes labs for confirmatory testing to provide an objective measure of substance use and ensure young adults in both intensive outpatient (IOP) and outpatient (OP) treatment are working towards the goal of sobriety and recovery.