Importance of Healthy Friendships for Adolescents

LA Times: “A Teen’s Friends Are A Powerful Influence”

An Article in the LA Times confirms what we at the Center for Living already know: That the friendships that an adolescent has can influence behavior in a tremendous way.  Especially for an adolescent with substance abuse issues, the importance of building healthy relationships and sober friendships is crucial to recovery from drugs and alcohol.  This philosophy is what the Center for Living was built on.  The Center for Living is a safe place where teens and young adults can not only receive the best clinical treatment possible for drug/alcohol use and dependence and co-occurring disorders, but also gain a group of friends who are also striving for a healthier, drug-free life. One of the biggest challenges in recovery is replacing dangerous people, places and things.  At the Center for Living, this is made easier for our clients as they enter a community of other adolescents and young adults with similar problems and issues. Sober socialization and fellowship is encouraged and enforced at CFL— with hopes that unhealthy relationships and friendships will be replaced by those that enrich, rather than inhibit, the well being of an adolescent.