Alcoholics Anonymous, Manhattan: Our Meetings

Healing from substance addiction is a process that takes time, and how individuals spend that time is paramount. When an individual’s recovery journey is effectively structured and includes Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, they are poised for a successful outcome. Many of today’s most respected addiction treatment programs are based on 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

The New York Center for Living features Alcoholics Anonymous programs in Manhattan that map out a road to recovery. By attending these meetings, individuals can work through primary aspects of their disease within a supportive and nurturing environment. 12-step programs can lead to lasting sobriety and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Manhattan can provide a framework for your recovery journey.

What Is a 12-Step Program?

In addition to individual, group, and family counseling, 12-step programs sometimes form a basis for treatment at area mental health and addiction treatment centers. A 12-step program is a model for recovery from alcoholism. 12-step programs are also adapted for drug abuse and drug addiction. Some programs follow the tenets of the original Alcoholics Anonymous programs and include a strong spiritual emphasis. Other programs are more loosely based on the 12-step format but offer updates that are in keeping with evidence-based treatment programs.

What Are the Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Manhattan?

Participating in a 12-step program means that you will attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Manhattan as you move through the program. Many people continue to attend these meetings even after they complete the program because of their long-term support.

Those who attend 12-step programs are frequently paired with a mentor who is someone they can contact when they’re struggling. As a peer support group with a strong mentoring element, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Manhattan are designed to help individuals cope with their addiction in meaningful ways that can pave the road to recovery.

What Happens at a 12-Step Meeting?

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings may feature a special educational component or a key speaker. During the course of the meeting, attendees are invited to share aspects of their story or talk about a personal struggle they might be dealing with. Talking among peers has been shown to be highly therapeutic.

People aren’t required to talk, but many do. Others might speak up in time as their comfort level increases.

If you are interested in overcoming your addiction with the 12-step program, be sure to check with the New York Center for Living to find out when meetings are held in Manhattan. The center also offers many other addiction treatments and therapies based on evidence-based platforms.

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