Alumni Support: Staying Connected After Treatment

Sobriety is a lifelong journey, and staying connected with others in recovery after you finish treatment helps to decrease your risk of relapse. Attending recovery support groups in your community is important for long-lasting sobriety, and alumni events at your treatment center are another way to get support when you need it.

Why Sober Social Networks Are Important

You most likely attended group therapy sessions as part of your treatment, and you might have even made friends with the other people in the group. Finishing treatment doesn’t mean that these new relationships have to come to an end, though. It could be to your benefit—and theirs—to stay in touch and continue to offer each other support.

Maintaining these connections is helpful for long-lasting sobriety. These relationships provide support, friendship, love and hope, all of which are important aspects of recovery.

Staying Connected Through Alumni Groups

You should stay in contact with your treatment center and with other alumni from your program. Staying in touch gives you a way to find support when you need it, from people who have also gone through a drug and alcohol addiction treatment program and know what kind of challenges you’ll face in recovery.

Our alumni network offers care, consideration and a community of like-minded people who are all focused on the same thing. When you’re an active alumni member, you can attend meetings where you’ll hear guest speakers, stay connected to the center’s staff and alumni and enjoy a friendly atmosphere that supports your recovery.

New York Center for Living Alumni Community

New York Center for Living invites you to become an active member of our recovery community. Our program alumni, current clients and experienced staff members are all essential to our mission, which is to foster lasting recovery for young people and their families who are affected by addiction.

If you attended a treatment program at New York Center for Living, you learned how to create a healthy life and developed relapse-prevention skills. But sobriety is a daily commitment, and it’s always helpful to spend time with those who are walking a similar path.

What’s offered to alumni can make the difference between success and relapse. Our staff are trained addiction specialists who work closely with you to ensure that life in sobriety life is as strong as possible. You will face challenges, but sticking with the alumni program can create bonds that help you not just to stay sober but to thrive.

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