Teenagers And Addiction: They Are Not Simply Younger Adults

“Youth are heated by nature as drunken men by wine”Aristotle (350 B.C.) As the medical field continues to make strides towards gaining a clearer understanding about the disease of addiction, one of the greatest challenges remains the understanding of how drugs of abuse and addiction affect teenagers. Far from being simply “younger versions of adults”, […]

Importance of Healthy Friendships for Adolescents

LA Times: “A Teen’s Friends Are A Powerful Influence” An Article in the LA Times confirms what we at the Center for Living already know: That the friendships that an adolescent has can influence behavior in a tremendous way.  Especially for an adolescent with substance abuse issues, the importance of building healthy relationships and sober […]

Marijuana: A Complex Clinical and Political Picture

As the legalization of marijuana expands throughout The United States, debates about the pros and cons of this policy will continue.  The discussion exists not only among members of the medical community, but also among those who suffer from addictive disorders and the legions of clinicians who treat them.  Regardless of where one stands on this issue, […]